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Personal Up
NameDag Hovden
AddressProf Meulenbergstraat 20, 6709 VL Wageningen, The Netherlands
Year of birth1957 (in Sweden)
Mobile+31-(0)6-4162 3207
Web site
Education Up

Period: 01-08-1964 until 01-06-1975

Basic education
Basic (compulsory) education+gymnasium (science) Sweden

Period: 01-08-1976 until 01-05-1981

Technical University of Chalmers (Göteborg, Sweden), Engineering Physics (M.Sc.)
Experience Up
Period: 01-09-2018 until now Delphi developer at Eurofins-Agro in Wageningen
All laboratory processes at Eurofins-Agro run on software created in Delphi: scanning incoming samples, processing and analysing these samples.
I maintain all the existing software and occasionally develop new software.
This entails, among other things, interfacing with an AS/400 (Power 9) and a DB2 database.
Period: 01-06-1990 until now One man company software development
Penguin Programs was born in 1990. I develop principally software for the DOS and Windows operating systems. My main tool is Borland's Delphi but I also use Microsoft's Visual Studio, National Instrument's LabWindows/CVI (C) and LabView, FORTRAN etc.

I have a wide experience in developing program that interface to external or internal measurement equipment, e.g. GPIB, RS232, AD/DA cards etc, and further collects, analyses and presents the data gathered. The analysis can be almost anything but I'm a regular user of the FFT, digital filters, various statistical techniques.

I have also experience with HTML, CGI/ISAPI programming, PHP, ASP.NET, TCP/IP (client/server, distributed computing, FTP) and programming for the Android platform (using Android Studio).

Period: 01-06-1989 until 01-06-1990

Worked as an engineer and programmer for SKF Condition Monitoring in The Netherlands, developing condition monitoring (and analysis) software. Development solely for the PC platform (and DOS) in Borland Pascal.

Period: 01-07-1986 until 01-04-1989

Worked as an engineer and programmer for SKF Condition Monitoring in Sweden, developing condition monitoring (and analysis) software.
Development solely for the PC platform (and DOS) in Borland Pascal.

Period: 01-01-1982 until 01-03-1986

Worked as engineer (researcher) at SKF ERC, first within the field of 'Non destructive testing, ultrasound', later moved on to 'Sound and vibration'. I became head of the S&V department in 1985, a position I held until I left ERC in 1986.

Specific computer knowledge:

  • MINC computer (Digital PDP-11 based system adapted specifically for a laboratory environment) with RT-11 as operating system and FORTRAN IV as the main language.

  • A PDP-11 with RSX and FORTRAN, dedicated to signal analysis, running primarily an application called SPIDAR, written completely in FORTRAN).
    This PDP was equipped with two huge 5MB hard disks. The disks themselves were the size of a really big pizza, about 5 cm high and had a carrying handle.

  • After the PDP came the first IBM PC's and Microsoft FORTRAN, later also Turbo Pascal (which was at that time a true revelation). However, at that time noone used the PC for 'serious' work. For proper programming, the (truly beautiful) VAX 780 and 750 (running VMS) and FORTRAN 77 were used.

  • Automation of measurements were mainly done using a HP system (HP 300/9000) equipped with GPIB (General Purpose Instrument Bus). The programming of the HP systems was in HP-BASIC, later also in Pascal.

Period: 01-06-1981 until 01-01-1982

Newly graduated, I worked in the Materials laboratory at SKF Sweden (Göteborg). I ran the X-ray equipment, made measurements on furnaces and developed software for analysis of the measurements results using FORTRAN-IV on a Nord-10 (Norsk Data) and an IBM mainframe (using JCL which was a real pain).
General Up
Tools Delphi (since Delphi 1), Borland Pascal (since Turbo Pascal 3.0), Microsoft Visual Studio (C#, .NET, .NET Compact Framework), LabWindows/CVI (C), LabView, FORTRAN (FORTRAN IV en 77, VAX FORTRAN, Microsoft, Lahey), HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and MySQL database, XML, ASP.NET, Java, Eclipse, Android Studio, Amazon S3 access, Arduino.

Platforms Windows, Android, Arduino, Window CE

  • Control of measurement instruments (GPIB, RS-232, TCP/IP)
  • A/D converters (also using sound cards)
  • Digital signal processing (e.g. FFT, digital filters)
  • Statistics and math in general
  • Distributed computing (TCP/IP)
  • Android applications
  • Windows CE applications with PicoCom 3/4/5

Natural languages Fluent (speaking, reading and writing) in English, Swedish and Dutch