Penguin Programs is a one-man company developing applications for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems (including Windows CE for the Pocket PC), specializing in data acquisition (e.g. A/D converters, RS-232, TCP/IP, GPIB) and technical software (e.g. digital signal analys, FFT, digital filters, statistics). However, any kind of application is possible.

Penguin Programs works primarily with Borland's Delphi and Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET, using C#). Other development tools used are Fortran (e.g. Lahey), Basic (e.g. Microsoft) and National Instrument's LabWindows/CVI and LabView.

Lately I have done more work on several more recent platforms, e.g. Android devices using Java and the excellent Eclipse development system (and also Google's Android Studio), Arduino (which is much fun) and Window CE using the PicoCom platform (from F&S Elektronik System).

Finally, Penguin Programs develops web applications using HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP.NET and ISAPI.

For a number of detailed examples, please visit the Portfolio page.